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Samsung Powerbot robot vacuum – Which? delivers first look verdict

Is Samsung's Powerbot VR9000 the best robot yet?
Samsung Powerbot in docking station

The Samsung returns to its docking station when it finishes cleaning or is low on power

Samsung’s latest robot vacuum cleaner claims to deliver up to 60 times more suction than other Samsung vacuums, so we’ve taken it for a spin to see if it really does set a new standard for robot vacuums.

Samsung’s been dabbling with robot technology for a few years now, but the Samsung Powerbot VR9000 marks a renewed push by the brand in the face of high profile new launches from rivals such as Dyson and Miele.

The Powerbot will set you back a cool £700, which is more than twice the price of a regular vacuum.

Head straight to our Samsung Powerbot VR9000 review for our First Look verdict, or read on for more detail on the Powerbot’s headline features.

Samsung Powerbot – key features

The Powerbot comes with a full suite of features, including a docking station, remote control, four main cleaning modes and a timer setting. You’ll see these kinds of features on other premium robot vacuums such as the Miele Scout RX1 and iRobot Roomba 880, but Samsung has also added some flashes of fresh ingenuity, such as a light beam pointer on the remote that lets you highlight where you want the robot to go without getting up from your chair. 

Its exterior design marks a bit of a departure from the norm for a robot vacuum, too. It’s shaped more like a beefed-up version of a conventional upright vacuum cleaner floor head, than the circular pivoting designs traditionally favoured by everyone from Miele to iRobot.

Samsung Powerbot with family

Priced £700, the Powerbot is one of a growing number of premium robot vacuums

The spinning sweeper brushes common to many rival vacuums are notably absent. These protruding little brushes are usually on hand to reach out and push dirt underneath the vacuum to be sucked up. The Powerbot’s main cleaning attribute is instead an extra-wide 311mm brush bar underneath.

The Powerbot’s docking station and auto charge capability means you don’t need to worry about it running out of power mid clean. When the battery gets low it automatically moves to the docking station to recharge itself (which takes about 160 minutes), before resuming.

The £700 price puts it right at the top end of the market. But while it costs more than the top-of-the-range Roomba 880 from robot specialist iRobot, it’s slightly cheaper than we’d expect the Dyson 360 Eye to sell for if it comes to the UK later in 2015, and it’s the same price as Miele’s Scout RX1.

Latest robot vacuums

More and more manufacturers are hopping on the robot vacuum cleaner bandwagon; read on for more on the latest robots from other firms.

Miele Scout RX1, £700

Vacuum stalwart Miele launched the Scout – it’s first ever robot vacuum – in 2014, claiming the model would set a new standard for robot vacuums. At £700 it’s the same price as the Samsung Powerbot and has a similar premium feature set which includes a docking station, timer mode, remote control and several cleaning modes.

Read our First Look Miele Scout RX1 review.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot, approx £750

Launched in Japan earlier this year, Dyson’s slick looking robot vacuum has a 360 degree vision-mapping system to help the robot cover floors logically and thoroughly, as well as Dyson’s signature ‘radial root cyclone’ suction technology. There’s also an Apple and Android smart phone app, so you can control it from your phone.

There’s still no UK release date confirmed, but you can see it in action in our Dyson 360 Eye Robot preview video.

Vileda Cleaning Robot, £149

Vileda has found its niche at the cheap end of the market, selling cut-price robot vacuums on sites such as Amazon. Unlike some of the pricier models, it doesn’t come with a remote control, timer or docking station, but it does have a plug-in charger.

Is the Vileda a bargain buy? Read our First Look Vileda Cleaning Robot review to find out.

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