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Wayne Rooney’s extravagant kitchen kit

How much do you need to pay for a good oven?
Wayne Rooneys kitchen

Keeping up with the Rooneys: a £145,533 kitchen re-fit

£20,000 is more than most would spend on an entire kitchen refurbishment, but this is only a slice of the cash that’s gone into decking out the kitchen of footballer Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen. A £20,000 oven may be out of the question, but what do you actually need to spend for high quality kitchen appliances?

The BBC documentary Rooney: the Man Behind the Goals provided a peek into the kitchen behind the man – as we looked past the sportsman to check out the luxurious appliances adorning his extravagant kitchen.

Kitchen prices

Despite not being particularly interested in cooking, the Rooneys have a £20,000 Wolf dual fuel oven and £13,650 Sub Zero fridge freezer in their kitchen. Thankfully, you can knock a few zeros off those figures and still find a top quality oven and fridge.

Not that he needs to worry about pinching pennies, but we could have saved Rooney a few (thousand) pounds ¬ we’ve reviewed an outstanding Best Buy fridge freezer that costs £399, and a Best Buy oven that goes for £257. Even our most expensive Best Buy oven is 20 times cheaper than the one the Rooneys use for their Sunday roast. Our highest-end fridge freezers are £1,000 plus, but our top scoring one will set you back less – it’s £650.

Check out our fridge freezer reviews and built-in oven reviews to find the best ones for you and your budget.

Luxury appliances

We also spotted a very lavish looking coffee machine sitting on the counter at Chez Rooney, but unless you plan to open a pop-up café out of your kitchen, you’d be fine to get one of our cheaper Best Buy coffee machines that will do you a great brew for under £50.

If you’re after something a little closer to the Rooney’s professional barista appliance, we’ve got some excellently slick bean-to-cup machine at the higher end of the pricing spectrum – not Rooney high, but breaking the £1000 mark.

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