Nutribullet vs Nutriblend - which should you buy?Find out how these lookalike blenders compare

16 January 2016

Image of the Nutribullet and Nutriblend blenders facing off against each other

The Nutribullet and Nutriblend look similar, but you can buy the Nutriblend for less

The Cooks Professional Nutriblend looks very much like the popular Nutribullet blender and makes similar claims. At just under £50 (on offer) it's cheaper too. But will it do a decent job of blending?

The Nutriblend shares many features of the Nutribullet, including a smaller blending cup for making single portions, simple one-speed operation and detachable handles and lids for converting the blending cup into a travel mug.

See how these two personal blenders compare in the table below, or alternatively head straight to our full first look review of the Cooks Professional Nutriblend to get our verdict.

Nutribullet vs Nutriblend

They may look near-identical from the outside, but the Cooks Professional Nutriblend has a slightly more powerful motor than the original Nutribullet 600 and has an extra pulse function.

You can buy the Nutriblend as either a 10 or 15 piece set which includes a range of handles, different cup sizes and lids, as well separate blades for blending liquids and grinding drier mixes. It also includes a recipe book. You can see how this compares to the Nutribullet in the table below.

Nutribullet v Nutriblend
 Nutribullet 600Nutriblend
Power600 watts700 watts
Size35cm x 14cm x 18cm35cm x 15cm x 15cm
Weight (with largest jug)2.0kg2.2kg
Jug capacity700ml700ml
Other containers300ml x 2350ml x 2, 700ml x 2
Speed settings/programsOne speedOne speed + pulse

The Nutribullet range also includes three higher-powered models: the Nutribullet 900  has a bigger motor and extra accessories including a large blending cup, while the Nutribullet Rx is even more powerful and has a soup cooking function. Both are more expensive to buy though, costing over £100. 

Recently a fourth sibling - the Nutribullet 1000 Series - has joined the family. Like the others, it has a simple, button-free design but also includes a large stainless steel, insulated cup designed to keep your smoothies cool. 

Cheap Nutribullet-style blenders

If you're just after the cheapest alternative to the Nutribullet, we've found some brilliant mini blenders that cost less than the real deal. Check our mini blender reviews before buying though, as we've also tested some cheap blenders that struggle to make a decent smoothie.

We've reviewed over 17 mini blenders, including the Magic Bullet, Salter Nutri Pro and Nutri Ninja, so make sure you use our impartial reviews to find the best blender for you from our .

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