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25 March 2016

Supermarket chocolate bars

You could save money with supermarket own-brand chocolate bars this Easter

A Which? taste test has revealed that some supermarket chocolate bars taste almost indistinguishable from pricier branded versions - so chocoholics could easily save money on their habit by trading down to unbranded versions.

Easter eggs may well be everywhere at the moment, but here at Which? we wanted to test the treats that are available all year round. We carried out a snapshot taste test pitting branded KitKat, Penguin and Twix bars against similar supermarket own brand chocolate. 

Read on for the results of our chocolate bar taste test - and then jump to discover more of our latest food and drink taste test winners.

Branded chocolate vs supermarket own

In our taste test, the branded KitKat and Twix chocolate bars came out on top in their categories. However, Tesco's KitKat-style bars (Tesco Snappy Milk Chocolate Finger Biscuit) scored only fractionally lower than the branded KitKat, and cost 37p per 100g less.

Lidl came second when compared against Twix, but was less crunchy than the branded bars. But you're best off avoiding Aldi's versions of these bars as both came last and were labeled 'bland' by our tasters.

Penguin bars is where the supermarkets shone above the brands, with Sainsbury's Penguin-style bars coming top. The supermarket's Polar Bar Milk bars cost just 42p per 100g, while the genuine article costs 70p per 100g.

Full chocolate bar results

You can see how all the chocolate bars compared against each other in our tables below. Each bar is given an average score out of 10.

 ChocolateAverage scorePrice per 100g
2Tesco Snappy Milk Chocolate Finger Biscuit7.352p
3Morrisons Milk Chocolate Break7.149p
4Lidl Tower Gate Choc Attack6.144p
=4Asda Take a Break Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars6.152p
5Sainsbury's Milk Choc Double Take5.349p
6Aldi Belmont Biscuits Choco Break544p
 ChocolateAverage scorePrice per 100g
2Lidl Caramel & Biscuit6.128p
3Morrisons Bicmix5.939p
4Tesco Crunchy Caramel5.434p
5Aldi Jive Caramel Shortcake Bars5.128p
 ChocolateAverage scorePrice per 100g
1Sainsbury's Polar Bar Milk6.142p
3Tesco Milk Chocolate Sandwich Biscuit5.339p
4Aldi Belmont Biscuits Seal Bars5.136p
5Morrisons Milk Chocolate Eskimo Biscuits4.942p


What's your opinion on these results? Join in the debate about our chocolate taste test winners at Which? Conversation.

How we tested chocolate bars

To taste test branded chocolate alongside supermarket own brands, we asked seven tasters to score each bar out of 10. Our tasters were not shown the packaging or name of each bar, and the bars were given to each person in a different random order. We then averaged these ratings to calculate an overall score for each bar. 

To find supermarket own brand chocolate bars, we selected the closest match to the brands using criteria that included appearance, pack size and price. 

The prices for the chocolate bars shown above were collected on 15 March 2016. The cost of the branded bars is an average of their prices across the main supermarkets. 

Best and worst food and drink

This was a snapshot test, but every year we do large-scale taste tests of a range of different food and drinks. Using experts in each field, we've rated sausages, cheese, yoghurt, smoked salmon, bacon and spreads. We've also reviewed coffee, tea, whisky, wine and gin, to name a few, so we can compare more expensive brands and supermarket own-brand products.

Our tests have shown that you don't have to fork out for the priciest item to get the best quality. Visit our best and worst food and drink gallery to see how much you could save.

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