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Best new food processors for 2016 revealed

Latest models reviewed by Which?
Kenwood FDM781BA Multipro

The Kenwood Multi Pro has an extra jug blender attachment, but is it good enough to be a Best Buy?

As spring begins to make an appearance, it’s the perfect time to enjoy new season fruit and veg, and perhaps try out some new recipes. That’s where a good food processor can help, taking care of a wide variety of kitchen tasks so you spend less time chopping, slicing and mixing – and more time enjoying the extra hours of daylight.

The best food processors will chop, grate, slice, blend and mix with ease, taking all the hassle out of preparing food, but we’ve come across models that do a poor job of prepping food or are so tricky to use that you’ll revert to doing things by hand. 

We’ve just tested eight new food processors, including models from Bosch, Kenwood and KitchenAid. 

Find out if the latest models are the best yet, or if there’s a golden oldie that will do a better job, by heading to our food processor reviews.

Finding the best food processor

Food processors can cost anything from £15 to £500, so to find the right one for you it’s best to start  by thinking about the key jobs you want to use it for. We’ve found Best Buy food processors for less than £50, so you don’t need to fork out huge sums to get a decent chopper. 

More expensive models usually have extra features that might turn your head, such as larger capacity, or a set of different sized bowls for different jobs. The more you spend, the more specialised attachments you’ll get, for everything from juicing to chip-making. 

Whether its a budget chopper you want, or a premium food processor with all the bells and whistles, we’ve tested models to suit a range of budgets – use our food processor reviews to find the best model for you.

Kenwood vs KitchenAid

We’ve tested the latest Kenwood and KitchenAid food processors to see which popular kitchen brand comes out on top.  Two Kenwood Multi Pro food processors have both been put to the test, along with a KitchenAid food processor which is over three times as expensive.

You can see which models impressed in our food processor reviews, and find out which brand comes out on top in our review of the best and most reliable food processor brands.

Latest food processor reviews

The full list of food processors we’ve just tested is below. Click on the links to go to the full review for each model.

Prices correct as of Monday 18 April 2016.

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