Could your energy bill rise by over £300 in 2017?37 deals ending including First Utility and Npower

29 December 2016

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Christmas lighting and celebrations can bump up your energy bills

A whopping 37 fixed-price energy deals are ending this month. Half of them could leave you at least £250 worse off in 2017 if you don’t take action, and two could see your bills soar by £332. Find out if your deal is ending and which energy firm to choose to keep your bills low.

Winter, and the festive season in particular, can see your energy bills rocket as temperatures drop and the amount of electricity and gas you use increases. Being at home with the family, hosting guests, cooking a Christmas roast, and cleaning it all up afterwards all take their toll on the amount of energy you use. So if your fixed deal's ending, don’t let it bump up your bills.

Extra Energy customers should be especially eagle-eyed as the firm has 18 fixed price deals finishing at the end of December. Forget to switch and two of these could see your bills increase by £332 on average over the next year. So take action now to avoid a nasty shock.

Find out how much money you could save on your energy bill in 2017. Use our independent gas and electricity switching site, Which? Switch, to find a cheap energy deal. Or you can call us on 0800 410 1149 or 01259 220235.

Fixed energy deals ending in December 2016

All of Extra Energy’s fixed tariffs ending this month will result in your annual bill increasing by £250 or more. This is because you will automatically be transferred onto its standard tariff at the end of the deal, which costs £1,129.51 – pricier than some of the big six suppliers.

Overall, 30 energy deals ending this month will leave you £200 or more worse off over the next year if you don’t change to a new deal. Eight deals from First Utility are set to finish, with price hikes of between £200 and £250 per year if customers roll onto its standard tariff.

Of the biggest six energy suppliers, Npower and Scottish Power are the only ones with fixed tariffs ending in December. Though EDF Energy has no deals ending, it announced a freeze in electricity prices until March 2017 – but then it’ll hike them by 8.4%. In January it’ll cut gas prices by 5.2% (more for prepayment customers).

Which? Managing Director of Home and Legal Services, Alex Neill, said: ‘This will be bittersweet for EDF's customers sitting on the most expensive tariffs. A cut here and a freeze there may offer some short-term comfort, but EDF's customers will face a hefty price hike in March and should be looking now to see if they can switch to a better deal.’

So check whether your energy deal is one of those ending below. In the table we’ve listed the tariffs where customers would see the biggest price increases. All other deals ending are listed below the table.

Scroll down for the cheapest deals available now to see where you should switch.

Fixed energy deals ending in December 2016 with £200+ price rise
SupplierTariffAverage price of tariff across the UKStandard tariffAverage price increase
Co-operative EnergyCo-op Online December 2016 - Paperless and Fair & Square December 2016 - Paperless£877£1,121£245
Extra EnergyBright Fixed Price Dec 2016 v1 to v5 - Paperless£798 to £873£1,130£256 to £332
Extra EnergyFresh Fixed Price Dec 2016 v1 to v8 - Paperless£798 to £844£1,130£285 to £332
Extra EnergyClear Fixed Price Dec 2016 v5 - Paperless£822 to £855£1,130£275 to £307
First UtilityMetro Voltz Fixed December 2016 - Paperless£827£1,071£243
First UtilityiSave Fixed December 2016 v1 to v5 - Paperless£832 to £866£1,071£205 to £238
First UtilityYou First December 2016 - Paperlessv1 and v2£852 and £861£1,071£209 and £218
NpowerFixed Energy Online Dec 2016 - Paperless£866£1,077£211
Scottish PowerOnline Fixed Price Energy December 2016 - Paperless£870£1,081£210
Table notes: Prices are based on a dual fuel tariff, averaged across UK regions, for a household with average consumption (using 3,100kWh of electricity and 12,500kWh of gas a year), paying by direct debit. Exact prices can vary according to region, usage and payment method. Prices have been rounded up and are correct at 19 December 2016.


Other tariffs ending this month are: Sainsbury’s Energy Price Promise December 2016 - Paper and Paperless, Spark Energy Stay and Save - Paper and Paperless (gas only), Npower Price Fix December 2016 - Paper and Paperless, Spark Energy Tenant Saver (Fixed) - December 2016 - Paper and Paperless, and Scottish Power Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy January 2017 Online – Paperless. 

Cheapest energy deals in December 2016

The top five cheapest UK-wide dual fuel gas and electricity tariffs this month are:

  1. £870 So Energy So Gopher – Paperless
  2. £871 Avro Energy Simple and Chill – Paperless  
  3. £877 Co-operative Energy Co-op Online December 2017 – Paperless
  4. £877 Co-operative Energy Co-op Online February 2018 – Paperless  
  5. £881 PFP Energy Together December 2017 fixed 40 – Paperless  

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We've also discovered there are a growing number of local energy deals available which, depending on where you live, may be cheaper for you. Find out more about these in our latest top five cheapest energy deals story.

If your energy tariff is one of those ending this month, you will not have to pay any exit fees to switch to a new deal or supplier. This is because energy firms cannot charge exit fees in the last 49 days of your deal. If you're currently on your energy supplier's standard tariff - meaning you're out of contract - you can switch any time without paying a penny.

(The prices shown above are provided by Energylinx, based on the details of a dual fuel medium user who uses 13,500kWh gas and 3,100kWh electricity per year, pays by monthly direct debit and chooses paperless billing. Prices are averaged across all UK regions and correct as of 19 November 2016.)

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