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Top five beard trimmer hacks for Decembeard

Expert tips and picks for fetching face fur

Man with beard

Choose the best beard trimmer and dial up your facial hair style for Decembeard

It’s beard trimmers at the ready as charity initiative Decembeard returns for its fifth year.

If you’re taking part, read our top five tips on how to get the most out of your beard trimmer, and keep your bristles in good shape this Decembeard.

Or go straight to our beard trimmer first look reviews to see which is best to keep your chin fur stylishly groomed.

1. Match your beard trimmer to your style

If you’re one of the thousands sporting a full beard for the first time to raise money and awareness for bowel cancer research, you’re going to need to choose a beard style. 

Whether you want to keep it neat with a classic short, boxed beard or sport a real showstopper in honour of Decembeard (exhibitionists should Google ‘old Dutch’ or ‘French fork’), it pays to know what you’ll need your beard trimmer to do. Otherwise you could end up paying more than you need to for unnecessary functions and attachments.

One model we reviewed has an impressive-sounding 24 length settings, but the longest of these is just 5mm; great for short beards and stubble but not so much for longer growth. Other trimmers with fewer settings can reach lengths of up to 25mm, which would be better suited for those sporting longer beards.

So figure out how long and how tailored you want your beard to be before you begin assessing the different specs on each model.

2. Weigh up key features

A beard trimmer with a lot of power can potentially trim more whiskers in one pass, meaning less work and less time spent grooming. The Wahl 9818-800 has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that Wahl claims will provide double the power of a standard trimmer. But power alone isn’t a sure-fire indicator of top-notch cutting performance.

Battery performance is another key consideration.The last thing you want when you’re trimming your beard is for the battery to die halfway through. Look for models that either have a low-battery indicator, or that can still be used while they’re on charge, to avoid having to head out with a half-trimmed Decembeard.

A firm advocate of ‘convenience is king’? Then you might want to check out the Remington MB6550, which has a mini-vacuum that sucks up the trimmings as you shave. It draws them into a chamber at the front of the beard trimmer, which you can then detach and empty into a bin.

Philips BT9280 Beard Trimmer with Laser

The Philips BT9280 has a laser that can help you achieve precision lines in your beard

3. Go laser for sharp lines 

If sharp lines along the neck or jaw are key to your look, you might be interested in the Philips BT9280 Beard Trimmer with Laser

This unique model projects a laser line onto the face, which shows you exactly where you’re shaving, and is intended to help you achieve a more precise shave. 

It’s also waterproof, so it can be rinsed under the tap for easy cleaning. But these extra features come at a cost, and this beard trimmer is one of the most expensive models we looked at.

4. Clean your beard trimmer

Get in the habit of cleaning your trimmer after every use, as a build-up of hair can damage the blades and also seriously impair the life of your beard trimmer. 

Some models are waterproof, allowing them to be run under the tap for a bit of an easier clean. Even if you have one of these waterproof beard trimmers, it’s still useful to open it up occasionally and give it a brush out, to make sure it’s clear of any build-up.

Another useful habit to get into is oiling the blades of your trimmer. This will help protect the delicate parts and keep the blades working smoothly. Just a couple of small drops are needed, but always make sure you clean the trimmer first.

The Remington Barba MB320 has blades that are ceramic coated and infused with silica, which Remington claims makes them self-sharpening and permanently lubricated. Useful additions like this can take the hassle out of maintenance tasks.

5. Master your Decembeard technique

The difficulty in achieving that perfect Decembeard style will vary depending on how complex the look you want. But there are some basic tips that will help you get the most out of your beard trimmer:

  • Wash and dry your beard. It will make it easier to trim and will leave it looking fresh.
  • Comb the beard so all hairs are lying flat and in the same direction.
  • Tidy up the neck line and then move to the cheek line. Work slowly, checking as you go. It’s easy to take off too much.
  • Decide on your length, and set the trimmer or attach the appropriate guard.
  • Follow the contours of your face working from below the chin upwards toward the cheek bones.

Read more about Decembeard for how to take part and what the money you raise from your beard will be helping.

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