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Is Fairy washing-up liquid really the best?

Fairy washing-up liquid vs the rest

Bottle of Fairy Liquid Original

Is Fairy Liquid the best washing-up liquid? Our latest test reveals all

For more than 50 years, Fairy has been telling us that its washing-up liquid lasts longer and cleans better than the competition. But is it true? Our latest washing-up liquid tests have the answer. 

We first tested washing-up liquid in 1959, with Fairy amongst those in that original batch. Over the years, it’s been one of the most consistent liquids we’ve tested. It was the top-scoring liquid for nearly 20 years (from 1990-2009), before Aldi’s Magnum washing-up liquid claimed the top spot in 2010. 

Due to reformulation, Fairy’s missed the last few Which? tests. But it’s back in 2017 and competing to be crowned a Best Buy. We compared the nation’s most popular washing-up liquid against other big brands and supermarket washing-up liquids to find the best you can buy.

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The way you wash up is changing

For most of us, the days of having to scrub every item of crockery and cutlery by hand are – thankfully – long gone. Piles of plates are being placed in the dishwasher more often. So it’s only heavily-soiled items, such as roasting tins, that are being tackled by hand. 

Our research* discovered that 58% of you wash up by hand once a day or less. It also found overwhelmingly that the most important quality you want from a washing-up liquid is the ability to remove baked-on grease (72%).

Last year, we added a tough grease section to our test to see just how well the top washing-up liquids dealt with the baked-on stains from a roast dinner or barbecue. A Best Buy washing-up liquid will save you effort and elbow grease, cutting down on the amount of scrubbing you need to do. This means you have more time to get on doing things you actually enjoy.

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Should you buy lemon washing-up liquid?

The smell of a washing-up liquid shouldn’t affect how well it cleans, right? Well, as lemon is now the UK’s most popular washing-up liquid, we decided to investigate. So we’ve tested to see how the scented products compare with their original counterparts.  

Our results uncovered some pretty stark comparisons that will make you pause for thought the next time you’re browsing the washing-up liquid aisle.

To discover whether lemon or original products are the best, see our full washing-up liquid results.

*Survey: 1,643 Which? members, November 2016.

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