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Brexit’s biggest price rises?

Which? today shines a light on the companies that have been hiking prices for groceries, cars and other goods since last year’s vote to leave the EU. Inflation (the Consumer...

State pension age to hit 68 by 2039

The government has announced that people will have to wait until they are 68 to qualify for the state pension from 2037. Under the proposed new timetable, the state pension...

Could this tactic boost your pension by £50,000?

In just 30 years’ time life expectancy is set to reach 100 – with experts around the world suggesting that retirement ages need to increase so that people have enough...

Revealed: how much you need to save for a happy retirement

Are you saving enough for retirement? New Which? research reveals that people aged 20 need to be putting away at least £131 a month to have a comfortable retirement, while...

State pension age could rise to 70

New reports published today could see some younger people having to wait until they are 70 to get the state pension and the triple lock guarantee disappearing after 2020. The...

Is your pension company one that owes millions to customers?

Standard Life and Prudential, historically two of the UK’s biggest annuity providers, have set aside millions of pounds to compensate people who have potentially been sold the wrong annuity product....

Grandparents could be missing out on extra state pension

Thousands of grandparents are missing out on National Insurance credits worth around £230 a year and £4,600 over their retirement, according to new research.

Sipps: can you afford the pensions of the future?

Which? reveals how self-invested personal pension (Sipp) charges can end up costing retirees thousands of pounds.  

Finding the best annuity rates to become far easier

Annuity providers will soon be compelled to outline all the necessary information to help people shop around for the best deal.

Autumn Statement 2016: pension cold calling

Philip Hammond used today's Autumn Statement to announce a ban on pension cold calls.

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