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Laundry & floorcare

Dad and son loading clothes into a washer-dryer

Best and worst washer-dryers for 2017

When you’re in the market to buy a washer-dryer, you want one that won’t let you down, whether you’re washing clothes or drying them. A compromise purchase – which washer-dryers...

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Best and worst new vacuum cleaners revealed

We reveal new Best Buy vacuum cleaners for 2017, and three terrible vacuum cleaners that you need to avoid. Plus whether pricey vacuum cleaners are worth it.

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Tumble dryers: which is fastest?

Buying a new tumble dryer? Nobody wants to spend all day drying their clothes, but that’s exactly what will happen if you pick the wrong model. We’ve compared vented, condenser,...

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Bosch or Samsung washing machines – which is best?

Among the latest washing machines reviewed by Which? are a clutch of washers from premium laundry appliance brands Bosch and Samsung. Both brands are rightly renowned for debuting new and...

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Are cheap washing machines worth it?

Fancy specs and an enormous price tag don’t always mean a better washing machine. Our reviews have found that you can get a great model for less than £300. This price...

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Laundry capsules on a pile of clothes

Save 46% on laundry detergent

Our 2017 laundry capsule tests show that you can make big savings by switching from the top-scoring big brand capsule to the next best capsule on test - a cheap own-brand washing capsule.

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The Don’t Buy tumble dryers to avoid

Our latest tumble dryer tests have revealed three dryers that are so bad at drying clothes that we’ve branded them Don’t Buys. A Don’t Buy tumble dryer might leave all of...

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