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Two weeks until landlords face buy-to-let clampdown

Which? analyses how tougher buy-to-let lending rules coming into force at the end of September will affect property investors with four or more homes

Self-builders due £30,000 on average in VAT rebate

New research shows self-builders are failing to claim VAT windfalls - but what are the financial pros and cons of building your own home?

First-time buyers bag £50,000 in 5 years: how to use your profits

Research from Savills shows buyers who bought their first home in 2012 have an average of £50,000 equity - but is it enough to step up the ladder?

The 30 sqm squeeze: would you buy a ‘micro-home’?

An Englishman’s home may be his castle, but for an ever growing number of buyers, that may mean a property less than 37 square meters – or the size of...

Athletes given the mortgage red card by TSB

Which? looks at how you can get a mortgage to buy a home if you're a professional sportsperson or a self-employed buyer with an inconsistent income.

Rip-off ground rents: could new-build leasehold houses be banned?

Which? looks at government plans to launch a consultation to ban leasehold new-build houses and stop unfair ground rent 'doubling' practices

From Carlisle to Cornwall: how much deposit first-time buyers are paying

Buyers in some UK areas are putting down over £100,000 as a deposit on their first home, even as others pay less than £15,000 upfront. New data from Halifax has revealed the...

Are you a property boom winner…or did you lose out?

The rapid rise in house prices in the 1990s and early 2000s resulted in a £2.3 trillion windfall for homeowners – but how much you profited from the boom depends on when you...

The risk of being a ‘secret’ landlord: what to do if you want to let out your home

Becoming a landlord is getting tougher, according to new data from lender Kent Reliance. A quarter of landlords who sought a loan in 2017 found it more difficult than previously....


Would you forego parking for £100 Uber credit?

Whether it’s Meerkat toys with your insurance or colour-changing spoons with your cereal, freebies are all the rage. Now, two new offers are looking to sweeten the deal for prospective...

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