Which? Money weekly podcast, 08 April 2009

  • So you think you're ready to start investing?
  • Our top tips on haggling to get a better deal
  • Tips on the best cash Isas deals

In this week's podcast: in with the new financial year

This week's Which? Money Weekly Podcast brings you some good financial news for a change. The new financial year means more people are going to be better off because of changes in the rules for income tax, national insurance and inheritance tax. There's also a brand new grant of £190 available to pregnant women.

Are you prepared to take more risks with your money? We look at the things you should consider before you take the plunge with your cash outside of Isas and savings accounts. What options are available and what are the golden rules of investment?

And we take on the Swiss Tonys and Arthur Daleys of the world and pass on our tips for haggling. We reveal how to get a better deal on a new car and beat the wheeler dealers at their own game.

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