Which? Money weekly podcast, 23 December 2009

  • Cheques to be phased out in 2018
  • What to do if you receive something damaged or not to your taste
  • How you could swap things you don't want for stuff that you do


In this week's podcast: why we'll be saying goodbye to cheques soon

The UK Payments Council Board announced last week that cheques will be phased out permanently in 2018, provided that alternative payment methods are in place first. We look at why the decision has been taken, and what it will mean for how we pay our bills in future.

Plus, shopping expert Sarah Dennis explains what you can do if you receive items that are damaged, faulty - or which you simply don't like! - this Christmas.

And don't miss this week's money saving tip: how online trading sites could help you swap Christmas stuff you don't want for things that you do.

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