Which? Money weekly podcast, 24 February 2010

  • Protection insurance: a simple guide to what you need, and how it could help you and your family
  • Selling your own property: how cutting estate agents out of the equation could save you thousands of pounds
  • Cycle and save: how buying a bike through a salary sacrifice scheme could cut your travel and gym costs

In this week's podcast: protection insurance to safeguard your future

This week the Which? Money podcast team tackles the complex issue of protection insurance. While most of us worry about how we'd cope if we suddenly lost our main source of income, it seems few of us understand the complex variety of policies we could buy to protect ourselves - so Which? expert Teresa Fritz is on hand to guide us through the maze. 

Also in this podcast, we look at how selling your own property, rather than dealing with an estate agent, could save you thousands of pounds. James Daley is convinced that selling your home online is the way to go, but Melanie Dowding isn't quite so sure.

Listen to the Which? money weekly podcast from February 24th 2010


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