Which? Money weekly podcast, 05 May 2010

  • Waiting to write your will? Why you should do it sooner, not later
  • Dental insurance: Do you need it, how much is it - and is it worth paying for?
  • Money saving tip: Save by selling your own property

In this week's podcast: protect your family and savings by writing a will

This week, the Which? Money podcast team asks expert Ian Robinson why 58% of adults haven't made a will - and finds out what the consequences of dying without one could be. If you're still 'getting around' to writing your will, today's podcast is essential listening.

Elsewhere, while most people don't like going to the dentist, James Daley and Melanie Dowding discuss whether it's because we're afraid of the drill - or the bill. We talk about the cost of private versus NHS treatment, discuss how difficult it really is to find an NHS dentist and assess whether dental insurance policies are worth paying for.

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