Which? Money weekly podcast, 19 January 2011

  • Dealing with debt: find out about debt management plans or IVAs
  • Save money on your mobile handset and tariff - switch with Which? Mobile
  • Only use your car occasionally? You could be better off in a car club

In this week's podcast: the best ways to manage debt, plus Which? Mobile and car clubs

In today's episode of the Which? Money podcast, 'plastic guru' Martyn Saville reveals why commercial debt management companies should be avoided. TV adverts claim they can wipe most of your debt away, but Martyn has been crunching the numbers and come to the clear conclusion there are better free alternatives to reducing debt. He explains the best ways to put a debt management plan or an IVA in place, and shares the results of an investigation into debt management solutions.

Ceri Stanaway from Which? Mobile joins the podcast team to give her tips on getting the best value from your mobile tariff, and avoid overpaying. She explains the benefits of using the new Which? Mobile website, which offers an easy mobile tariff choosing and switching service, as well as Which? Best Buy mobile phone reviews. She also reveals T-Mobile's recent backtrack after it changed mobile data tariffs for its customers, and the role consumers and Which? Mobile played in the decision.

Finally, James Daley's money saving tip this week is 'ditch your car'. But with one caveat: this tip's only valid if you live an urban area and don't use your car very often. Servicing, parking, tax and maintenance all add up, so if you can use public transport instead, a city car club could save you plenty of money. Which? research into services such as Streetcar, Zipcar and City Car shows that you can save thousands compared to using your own car. 

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