Which? Money weekly podcast, 02 March 2011

  • Emerging market investing: what is it, and is it right for you?
  • Sale and rent bank schemes: why homeowners should steer clear
  • £13.5bn a year 'gifted' to the tax man: are you paying too much?

On this week's podcast: should you invest in emerging markets? 

This week, the Which? Money podcast team gets the lowdown on investing in emerging markets. What counts as an emerging market, what kinds of assets can investors put their cash into, and what are the benefits and risks of holding shares in the 'BRIC' countries? Investment expert Gareth Shaw explains...

Elsewhere in today's podcast, we take a critical look at sale and rent back schemes. For people in serious debt difficulty, selling your property and then renting it back might seem like the only option - but our investigation shows that the advice companies give consumers isn't always trustworthy. We expose the dangers of letting a sale and rent back firm purchase your home, and offer advice on where you could get unbiased debt advice.

Finally, don't miss our money saving tip - a quick round up of common ways many people overpay tax. Are you one of the millions helping HMRC pocket an extra £13.5bn each year?

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