Which? Money weekly podcast, 06 April 2011

  • Local currencies: what are they, and are they worth bothering with?
  • Junior Isas: the new way of saving for your children
  • Banker's drafts: why these alternatives to cheques could leave you seriously out of pocket

This week: local currencies, junior cash Isas and banker's drafts

In today's podcast, we take a look at currencies set up by local communities to try and give a boost to trade in their area. Supporters say the idea improves a neighbourhood's economy, while critics dismiss the local money as a gimmick and an inconvenience. Which? researcher Alex Kouzarides has been to Lewes, where members of the community run their own local currency - so how do these schemes work, and are they really worth bothering with? 

Also this week, we discuss the coming launch of Junior Isas. The government has just published its proposals on how these new savings accounts for children will work - so we take you through the details, and ask whether they will really encourage more people to save for their children.

Finally, don't miss this week's money saving tip: why using a banker's draft could leave you seriously out of pocket.

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