Which? Money weekly podcast, 21 April 2011

  • ID theft and fraud insurance: why it's not worth paying for a policy
  • Mobile phone charges abroad: how to keep costs down
  • Cheap Easter eggs and high street sales: top tips for enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend

This week: ID theft insurance, mobile phone charges abroad and cheap Easter eggs

Most of us worry about what would happen if our identity was stolen or we fell victim to fraud - but at Which?, we think the insurance policies that are sold to protect against ID theft are of little use to consumers. Now the FSA is looking into them, and banks and credit card providers are putting sales of the product on hold. In this week's podcast, we explain the good reasons for steering clear of ID fraud insurance and offer top tips for keeping your personal details safe. 

Elsewhere this week, we look at mobile phone roaming charges. If you've ever gone abroad, enjoyed yourself for a few weeks and then returned home to a whopping phone bill, you're not alone - but why are we paying so much to use our mobiles overseas and what can you do to keep costs down?

Finally, don't miss our Easter-themed money saving tips: where to find cheap chocolate and eggs, and a round up of the high street sales you might want to hit over the Bank Holiday weekend. 

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