Which? Money weekly podcast, 01 June 2011

  • Travel money: the best credit and debit cards for spending abroad this year
  • Bank complaints: how to pursue yours, with the Financial Ombudsman Service if necessary
  • Supermarket own brands: a new reason to try them and cut your shopping costs

This week: travel money, bank complaints and supermarket own brands

In today's podcast, we revisit the complicated question of how to get the most from your money on holiday - avoiding the debit and credit card fees that can bore a hole in your budget. Which? expert Martyn Saville pops into the studio to reveal his top-pick plastic for spending overseas this season, and offers top tips for buying good-value currency before you jet off.

Also this week, we talk about banking complaints and how poorly some financial institutions deal with them. With the Bank of Scotland recently fined for poor complaints handling, James Daley offers advice for anyone who feels fobbed off by their bank - including information on how to pursue your grievance through the Financial Ombudsman Service. 

Finally, don't miss this week's money saving tip: a new reason to try supermarket own brands and cut your food shopping costs. 

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