Which? Money weekly podcast, 13 July 2011

  • Paying for long-term care - what has been recommended to the government
  • Absolute return funds - have they delivered on their promises?
  • Reclaim cash if you've bought a Virgin TV gadget

This week: Funding long-term care, absolute return funds and gadget cashback

In today's podcast, we discuss the long awaited Dilnot paper into funding long-term care. Aimed at revolutionising the way the people access, and pay for, long-term care in their later years, the paper has proposed wide-spread reforms but will the Government put any of it into play? Money editor James Daley talks through Dilnot's major proposals, how the long-term care landscape may change in the future and the likelihood of these reforms seeing the light of day. 

Elsewhere this week, absolute return funds: an investment that aims never to lose you money, regardless of whether the markets are rising or plummeting. Surely this sounds too good to be true - and a new Which? Money investigation has looked into these investment funds, only to discover that many haven't delivered when they needed to the most. Which? Money investment expert Gareth Shaw explains how they try to achieve the seemingly impossible. 

Finally, our money saving tip of the week could help you get cash back if you've recently purchased Virgin's whizzy new TiVo personal video recorder (PVR).

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