Which? Money weekly podcast, 03 August 2011

  • Loyalty cards - who gives the best rewards
  • Tied savings and investments products - are they a good deal?
  • How to save cash by borrowing goods

In this week's podcast: Loyalty card rewards and tied savings & investments

This week, a loyalty scheme is a great way for shops to encourage repeat business but how do you get the best value from your hard-earned cash? Money editor James Daley discusses the good the bad and the ugly of the loyalty scheme world and the top tips for you to look out for.

Elsewhere, we talk about tied savings and investments products. Everyone's looking for a decent rate for their savings but, increasingly, in order to get the market beating rate you have to take out a risky investment product. We don't think they serve consumer interests and latest research from Which? shows why.

And finally, in our money saving tip of the week - why buy something you're only going to use once when you can just borrow it?

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