Which? Money weekly podcast, 17 August 2011

  • Group-buying websites - are they good value?
  • No-claims bonus protection - how to maintain that good record discount
  • How you could get 60% off airport car parking

This week: group-buying websites, no-claims bonus protection and airport parking

In today's podcast, we discuss the modern phenomena of group-buying websites. Companies like Groupon and Living Social offer a wide range of discounts on everything from hotels and restaurants to fish pedicures and laser teeth whitening. But how useful are these services, do the discounts make a difference and what are your rights when buying through sites like these? Which? Money has investigated this and group-buying expert Nick Frankcom is in the studio to give us the lowdown. 

Elsewhere in the podcast, building up a no-claims bonus can help ease hefty bills you pay for car insurance but can you protect it in case you get a prang in future? We speak to insurance expert Dan Moore about how an extra premium for no claims bonus protection could help you in the long run.

And finally, in the money-saving tip of the week - how a discount voucher could save you up to 60% on airport car parking.

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