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Which? Money weekly podcast, 08 February 2012

  • Bank websites that make key information hard to find
  • How travel insurers deal with new medical conditions
  • Could the Which? Big Switch cut your energy bill?

This week: bank websites, travel insurers and medical problems, and the Big Switch

Credit card terms and conditions, mortgage SVRs, and information on how to complain are all details that should be easy to find on any bank website. But when Which? asked volunteers to locate core product and service details on bank websites, results were decidedly mixed between banks and some testers failed to find important information at all. 

We also speak to a Which? Travel expert about travellers who've found their insurance cover withdrawn or faced  hugely inflated premiums when they developed a new medical condition after taking out their policy. 

And in our new energy campaign, the Which? Big Switch - how we hope the power of collective buying will cut energy bills. 

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