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Which? Money weekly podcast, 04 July 2012

  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Performance fees on investment funds
  • How to boost Avios points in July

This week: social lending, investment charges and Avios points

In this week's podcast, we discuss social lending, or peer to peer lending as it's better known. These firms have lent out £250m to people and offer consumers both a way to get a better rate on their savings and skip the bank if they want to borrow some money. We talk you through the pros and cons.

Later in the podcast, our investment expert gives you the lowdown on performance fees charged on your stocks and shares Isa investments. You already get charged an annual fee, but some investment managers take another chunk, when you're losing money, which can sometimes increase your annual costs by 200%. 

And in our money tip this week - how to boost your Avios points if you have a Lloyds Duo credit card.

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