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Which? Money weekly podcast, 05 September 2012

  • How to find the best car breakdown cover
  • Boost your savings with retail bonds
  • Ryanair launches a new booking mobile app

This week: Breakdown cover, retail bonds and Ryanair's new app

In this week's podcast: Car breakdown cover is an essential piece of insurance, but where can you find the best providers. Which? car experts have done the digging and uncovered the best and worst car breakdown cover providers for customer satisfaction, with some surprising results. 

Elsewhere, retail investment bonds. The concept of lending your money to a big company in exchange for a better return than a savings account may sound risky but retail investment bonds have proved very popular over the past few years. We explain how they work and what the main risks are that you'll face. 

And in our money tip, should you pay £2.49 to download Ryanair's new booking app?

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