Technology Team

Which? Technology weekly podcast, 10 January 2012

  • Have we moved on superfast broadband?
  • Launch of Netflix UK's film and TV streaming service
  • Our cash for laptops investigation

With the government promising superfast broadband by 2015 we’ve been asking you just how close they are to delivering the service and what exactly we should expect.  We've had more than 50 responses; from scepticism about the ability of BT to carry the data to claims we are expecting too much from our broadband connection.

One service that will be hoping broadband does get a super speed boost is Netflix – who launched in the UK this week. We report on what they’re offering and how it measures up against rival Lovefilm.

We can also reveal the results of our investigation into cash for laptop sites – just how much difference is there between flogging your old laptop on a dedicated sale site versus an ebay sale and what do they do with your old data.

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