Boiler cover jargon buster

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Boiler cover jargon buster

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Boiler cover jargon buster

Here is a glossary of the key terms that you will come across when deciding which boiler cover to choose.


A boiler servicing contract can be an effective way to maintain your boiler on a long-term basis. This type of cover gives many people peace of mind when it comes to dealing with boiler emergencies. 

However, do bear in mind that you're probably better off financially if you have an annual service and pay for repairs on an ad-hoc basis. But if you want the peace of mind that boiler cover can give you, then you've come to the right place.

You can use our boiler cover jargon buster, below, to help you decide what features you need in your boiler cover policy. Once you've decided on the features that would suit you, take a look at our boiler servicing contract reviews to find out what's on offer from the best providers. 

Boiler cover jargon buster

Age limit

This refers to the age of your boiler. Some providers will not cover boilers that are more than seven years old. Others cover boilers of any age, pending an initial inspection.

Annual cost

The total cost of the policy for 12 months of cover. Most policies allow you to pay in monthly installments, but with some policies it is possible to get a small discount if you pay in one annual lump sum.

Annual service

Not all boiler servicing contracts include an annual service as standard. It is good practice to have your boiler serviced annually, so try to choose a contract that does include this. Don't miss our video showing .

Boiler replacement

Policies that offer boiler replacement cover the cost of replacing your boiler should the worst happen and it breaks beyond repair. Make sure you check that you are covered for a full boiler replacement or that the provider will contribute a sizeable amount to the cost of a replacement.

Boiler replacement age limit

Some providers will only replace a boiler if it is under a certain age limit.

Conventional boiler

If you have a conventional boiler, you will have a separate hot water storage tank. Some providers do not cover conventional boilers and the rules on age limits often differ between conventional and combi type boilers.

Combi boiler

Combination boilers contain all parts within the boiler and heat water on demand. For a complete guide to the pros and cons of different types of boilers visit our boiler features explained page.

Cleaning parts service

In some cases costs associated with cleaning parts may not be included in all service contracts.

Central heating cover

All contracts should provide cover for your boiler, but some also cover your wider central heating system and pipes. Typically this will cost more than just standard boiler cover.

Cancellation fees

A charge providers make if you cancel you contract before the agreed term. Some contracts charge a cancellation fee if you break it within the first 12 months.


Boiler cover that includes an annual service, no call-out fee and covers at least the boiler for repairs start from £183. Prices may be more inside and around the M25 area.

Electricals cover

All policies include cover for your boiler, but some will also cover the wider heating system and even electricals.

Monthly payments

Payment increments are often available, you can typically pay for a servicing contract either monthly, quarterly or in one lump sum.

Number of call outs

How many call outs your policy covers. Most contracts will have unlimited call outs, but some providers limit the number of call outs to a customer in any given year.

No claims discount

A discount or incentive some providers offer if you do not make a claim on your boiler cover policy. Some providers also offer a low-use discount.

Northern Ireland

Domestic & General, Heateam, Baxi Customer Support, AA, Worcester and Vaillant all offer cover in Northern Ireland.

Pipes & drainage

All policies should include cover for the pipes and drainage connected to your boiler, but check with your provider if you are unsure.

Parts & labour cover

Parts and labour should be covered within the terms of your contract.

Replacement contribution

Some contracts will state that the provider will only contribute a set amount to the cost of a replacement boiler, rather than replace the boiler as part of the contract.

Response time

The time your provider suggests it will respond to a call. Most providers pledge to have an engineer at your home within 24 hours.


Just want to know which boiler cover providers are the best? Then head straight to boiler cover companies rated.

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