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Don't Buy cordless vacuum cleaners

by Matthew Knight

Some cordless vacuums score so badly for cleaning or ease of use in our lab tests, that we highlight them as Don't Buys.

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Cordless vacuum cleaners often claim to be as good as conventional vacuum cleaners, but some are so bad that we give label them Don't Buys.

We don't just highlight the poor scoring Don't Buy cordless vacuum cleaners, we also highlight the top scoring cordless models as Best Buys. Our tests go further than anyone else's to ensure that the ones we do recommend as Best Buy cordless vacuums are the true cream of the crop. 

  • The best models can pick up more than 70% of the dust on your floors, while the worst can get less than 10% out.
  • With the worst models, you can only run your vac for around twenty minutes, while you can use the best for over an hour.
  • Best Buy models are also easy to use, are light to handle and aren't horribly noisy, like one model we found that produces 88 decibels - the sound of a busy road.

We carry out pick up tests with fine arizona sand on wilton carpet, laminate flooring and floorboards with crevices. We also painstakingly comb real pet hair into carpet and time how long each cordless model takes to pick it up. 

We also test the suction when the container is partially full and when the battery is depleted to make sure that each vacuums performance does not drop off as it is used in your home. You can be sure that a Best Buy cordless vacuum will be able to tackle anything that you can reasonably throw at it in your home. 

Find out which cordless vacuums are Don't Buys and which are Best Buys by taking out a £1 Which? trial.

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