Which cooker brand is best?

Freestanding cookers

Which cooker brand is best?

By Jane Darling

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The best cookers should give you years of trouble-free cooking. Discover the best and worst brands according to our independent research.

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We've been testing freestanding cookers for decades, so we know which brands can be relied on for trouble-free cooking and which break down more often, leaving you unable to cook and facing the possibility of pricey repairs. 

Each cooker we test is put through a raft of rigorous testsover x weeks. We look at how well it cooks, how easy it is to use and clean and how energy efficient it is. We use these results to produce our in-depth cooker reviews.

We also survey thousands of appliance owners every year to find out which brands experience the least faults, and which leave owners satisfied. The results of our surveys enable us to give each of the major cooker brands an overall score for customer satisfaction and reliability, which we've put together in the table below.

Read on to discover how major cooker brands, such as AEG, Belling, Cannon, Hotpoint, Zanussi, and more, compare.

Best and worst freestanding cooker brands

The table below combines all our cooker test results that are online at time of writing (December 2015), plus our most recent reliability ratings and customer scores. This lets you see at a glance how the main cooker brands compare. 

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Table of freestanding cooker brands
Cooker brands compared
Brand Average test score1 Reliability rating2 Customer score2
82% 76%
A cooker from this brand has the highest test score of all the cookers in our recent tests. Unfortunately, it's not a Best Buy because the reliability rating for this brand is less than 70% - below our threshold of what we consider to be a reliable brand. On the other hand, this brand does top the table for customer satisfaction - more than three quarters would recommend one to a friend, and owners also consider them good value for money.
56% 64%
This brand's freestanding cookers are rather middle of the road. They have an average test score in the mid 50s, which isn't great, but nearly two thirds of people who own a cooker from this brand would recommend it to a friend and generally consider them good value for money. This brand's freestanding cookers are also reliable, according to our survey.
57% 64%
This brand came top in our freestanding cooker reliability survey this year, just missing out on a four-star rating, so you won't have to worry about these cookers constantly needing pricey repairs. However, this brand's average test score is mediocre. Owners consider these cookers to be good value for money and nearly two thirds of owners would recommend them to a friend. But when it came to buying a new cooker, 77% went for a different manufacturer.
N/A 63%
This freestanding cooker brand emerged from our latest reliability survey as reliable, and approaching two-thirds of owners would recommend this brand to a friend. An impressive 43% of owners went for the same brand when buying their new cooker. We haven't tested any cookers from this brand recently so cannot provide an average test score.
58% 62%
This brand got the second-highest reliability rating of any of the freestanding cooker brands in our most recent survey, so should give you years of trouble-free cooking. Performance-wise, some models are good, but overall their average test score in the high 50s isn't great. Owners of this brand of cooker consider them good value for money, but little more than half would recommend one to a friend.
63% 60%
An average test score of 63% is pretty good, and four of the nine cookers from this brand we've tested in recent years are Best Buys. Owners say their cooker is good value for money, but only 60% would recommend one to a friend. And when it came to buying a new model, just 16% decided to stick with the same brand. However, this brand's freestanding cookers are considered reliable, so they shouldn't break down.
65% 56%
We've got one Best Buy from this freestanding cooker brand on our list, and overall it gets a reasonable average test score of 65%. While owners consider this brand's cookers reasonably good value for money, only a little more than half would recommend them to a friend. This brand also came near the bottom of our reliability survey, so is likely to leave you needing repairs.
62% 56%
This brand's customer score is disappointing, coming in joint bottom with just 56% - this means only 56% of owners would recommend this brand to a friend. However, owners consider its cookers reasonable value for money and it emerged from our survey as a reliable brand. Its average test score of 62% is better than some, and we've found one Best Buy among the eight models recently tested.
Table notes
1 Average test scores based on tested freestanding cookers that are still available at the time of writing (December 2015).
2 Reliability rating and customer score based on feedback from 867 Which? members, surveyed in September 2015.


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Choosing the best brand of freestanding cooker

A great freestanding cooker will excel in all areas: it will have an accurate oven, an easily controllable hob and a grill that covers most of the grill pan. On top of this, it should be easy to use. However, when buying a freestanding cooker, it also makes sense to choose a model made by a reliable brand, so you don't have to worry about faults and breakdowns. This is why each year we do a brand reliability survey, so you can find out what problems Which? members have experienced with their cookers.

The reliability ratings in the table are based on feedback from 867 Which? members. They've reported on the problems they've had with their own freestanding cookers – so the brands with the fewest problems score the highest for reliability and vice versa. We take into account the severity of the problem and also the age of the appliance, so older cookers or cookers with minor faults aren't unfairly penalised. We've also included a customer score, which reflects how satisfied people are with their brand of cooker and how likely they are to recommend it to someone else.

76%- the highest customer satisfaction rating for a freestanding cooker brand
At the top of the table, the brand with the highest test score also achieved the highest customer satisfaction rating, but it did poorly in our reliability trial.