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Which? Don't Buy fridge freezers

by Jess O'Leary

A bad fridge freezer struggles to cool, meaning your food won’t last as long as it should. Find out which fridge freezers you should avoid.

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Dreadful fridge freezers

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We've tested hundreds of fridge freezers from all of the big appliance brands, including Beko, Bosch, Miele, Samsung and Zanussi. The best cool quickly and keep food evenly chilled and frozen 24/7, no matter what the temperature is in your kitchen. But some fridge freezers are so bad they fail our chilling and freezing tests – which is bad news for the shelf-life of your groceries. 

To help you avoid buying a terrible fridge freezer, we’ve highlighted the very worst models as Don’t Buys.

  • The worst fridge freezers struggle to chill and/or freeze our food-equivalent gel packs in two whole days of testing. The best manage the job in a few hours.
  • Our temperature tests expose the fridge freezers that can’t keep your food evenly chilled and frozen, causing your food to over-cool or warm up several degrees when the temperature in your kitchen changes.
  • We measure how much energy a fridge freezer uses to do its job and highlight the energy guzzlers that cost a fortune to run for the amount of food they hold.

You can’t trust a Don’t Buy fridge freezer to create reliable conditions for storing your chilled and frozen food. So before you buy a fridge freezer, make sure it’s not a Which? Don’t Buy. To reveal our Don't Buy fridge freezers, either sign up for a £1 Which? trial or log-in if you're a member. 

For a list of the fridge freezers that help your food last longer without adding a fortune to your energy bills, check out our Best Buy fridge freezers.

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