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Bosch hedge trimmers guide

By Adele Dyer

Bosch is a very popular brand of hedge trimmers, but how do they score in our tests and rate for reliability and value for money?

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Bosch is a familiar name for tools around the home and garden, known as much for its washing machines and electric drills as its garden tools. In addition to cordless and corded electric hedge trimmers, it produces electric and cordless strimmers, leaf blowers and chainsaws, as well as electric shredders and pressure washers. 

Bosch has a wide range of hedge trimmers, from a budget electric hedge trimmer with a short blade through to 36V cordless models. Bosch also has a long-reach extendable hedge trimmer using its multi-tool system, where a strimmer head, tree pruner or hedge trimmer can be attached to a motor unit. Finally, it has two small cordless shrub pruners for cutting topiary.

Many of the cordless models have batteries that can be used with other Bosch cordless tools. As a result, some of the hedge trimmers are sold with or without the battery and charger, so you can save some money if you own more than one Bosch cordless tool. 

As well as trialling hedge trimmers in real-world tests, we survey hundreds of hedge trimmer owners each year to find out how reliable each brand is and get the views of people who actually own them. 

Find out how Bosch hedge trimmers perform in our reviews.

Which? verdict on Bosch hedge trimmers

Below we've collated all our test results for Bosch hedge trimmers plus our unique brand and reliability ratings to bring you an at-a-glance guide to Bosch hedge trimmers. 

In the table below we've outlined how many of the brand's current models are Best Buys and highlighted its overall pros and cons, to help you decide if a Bosch hedge trimmer is right for you. You can also read our expert verdict on whether we think the Bosch brand is worth buying. 

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Bosch hedge trimmers overview table
Bosch hedge trimmers overview table
Number tested since 2011 11
Average test score
Score range
Brand reliability rating
Value for money rating
Customer score
Should I buy it?

Table notes
Table correct as of November 2015. Range of scores and average test score based on results of all models tested March 2011-April 2015. The customer score and brand reliability ratings are based on a survey of over 1,000 Which? members conducted in April and May 2015. The customer score is based on whether members would recommend the brand to a friend and reliability is based on members' experience of that brand.


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There are many hedge trimmers to choose from. Take a look at our best hedge trimmer brands to see how Bosch compared to the other major hedge trimmer brands.

How much do Bosch hedge trimmers cost? 

Some of Bosch's older models can be found for around £40 for a basic, electric model with lower wattage electric motors and 45cm-long blades. The most expensive electric models cost around £150, while cordless models cost from around £80 to £225. 

This is similar to hedge trimmers from Black & Decker, one of the most popular hedge trimmer brands. 

Choosing the best Bosch hedge trimmer

Bosch hedge trimmers are aimed at home gardeners and there are no petrol models. 

It has three ranges of electric hedge trimmers, with either 420W, 600W or 700W motors. The 420W models have blades from 45cm to 60cm-long and all have a fixed front handle. They cost from around £40 to £60. The 600W models have 50cm, 55cm or 60cm-long blades and the 700W 65cm or 70cm-long blades. These all have wraparound front handles and cost from around £115 to £150. 

The cordless models start with an 14.4V Ni-Cad battery-powered model with a 41cm-long blade. The other models have either 10.8v, 18V or 36V lithium-ion batteries and a range of blade sizes from 35cm and 53cm. Expect to pay from £80 to £225. 

Finally, Bosch has a few models for very small or very large hedges. There are two cordless shrub pruners with short 12cm or 20cm-long blades for trimming topiary, which cost from around £40 to £75. 

The Bosch AMW 10 multi-tool can be fitted with a hedge-trimmer attachment to work as a long-reach pole trimmer and can be found from around £115. The hedge trimmer has a 43cm-long blade. You can also fit a tree-pruner or strimmer attachment to the 1000W motor. 


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