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HP Chromebook 11

  • First look

Price: £199.00

Which? Overview

HP is targeting students with its Chromebook 11 - it has an affordable price and a tiny frame. If all you're after is a budget laptop for checking your emails and browsing your favourite websites, then it might be worth considering. But will it be any good? We've taken a first look at the HP Chromebook 11.

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Technical Specifications

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Laptop type


Ultrabooks are slim and light with power to boot.


Chromebooks are a budget laptop for people who spend the majority of their time online. They run Chrome OS, with limited hard drive storage space and a smaller array of programs.


Desktop replacements are large enough that they could replace your tower PC, at the expense of portability.


Budget laptops are cheaper with lower specifications - a good choice for novices or students on a budget.


Family laptops are all-rounders with good sized screens, large hard-drives and specifications sufficient to handle everyday tasks.


Multimedia laptops have good screens and handle graphically demanding tasks well - great for watching films. Some even have Blu-ray drives for watching in high definition.


A laptop computer that folds into a tablet. The screen might swivel around and fold back down, or even detach entirely.

Sound and vision

Screen size (inches)

Resolution (pixels)
1366 x 768


Glossy screens typically display richer, sharper images than diffuse or matte screens. This makes them a good choice for watching video, for example. However, they are very reflective in daylight.


Graphic adaptor


Operating system
Chrome OS


Dimensions are listed width x height x depth. Where a laptop is not consistently thick across the device (if it tapers towards the front edge, for example), we've taken the meansurement at its thickest part.


This is our measured weight of the laptop with the battery but without the power supply.

Processor, memory, storage

Intel Celeron N3060


If the processor is the engine of your computer, then the higher the clock speed the faster it can run. Generally, accept no less than 1GHz, whilst any more than 2.5GHz may be overkill.


The laptop's short term memory, where it holds all the information about the tasks it's carrying out. The more memory a laptop has, the more quickly it can handle tasks. Go for as much memory as you can afford to make sure your laptop's well set up for a few years.


Laptop's main storage - either a traditional spinning hard drive (Spinning HD), faster solid-state drive (SSD) or a combination of the two. Spinning hard drives tend to be larger in size, but slower to load programmes from. SSDs are much faster and quieter, but offer much less storage. Combo HDs offer the vast storage of a hard drive with a small SSD cache for you to install your favourite programs to for quicker access.


This tells you the total size of the storage (combining both spinning hard drive and SSD), which stores all your files such as programs, photos and videos - as claimed by the manufacturer. If you plan to store lots of big files, such as videos, opt for plenty of storage. A full length film could take up over 1GB of storage space. If this is going to be your main desktop computer, aim for a bigger hard drive - 500GB or 1TB, say.


We've checked to see exactly how much storage you'll actually get after the operating system and any pre-installed programs have been installed. This can sometimes be a lot less than the manufacturer claims. It takes into account the hard drive and the solid state drive.



Other disk drives the laptop has built in, such as a DVD-RW or Blu-ray.


Keys are illuminated, making them easier to type on in the dark.


A dedicated number pad at the right of the keyboard.


USB 2.0

USB 3.0


USB-C is the new, modern standard of computing connectors. Not only is it smaller than traditional, full-size USB ports, but it's reversible, too. Plus, it allows faster file transfers.


For connecting your device to a high definition TV or monitor.


For stronger, more consistent connection than via wi-fi.

What is it good for?

Excellent for ease-of-use?

Very good for performance?

Very good for battery life?

Very good for screen quality?

Good for speaker sound quality

Very good for portability?

Similar models in series


More advanced models than the laptop we tested.


Less advanced models than the laptop we tested.

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