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Handheld vacuum cleaners

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Handheld vacuum cleaners can help to keep car interiors clean, and quickly pick up mess around the house, getting into the gaps that a larger, heavier vac can't access. But are they a good investment?

Some useful questions to ask when you're choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner:

  • How long does it take to recharge, and how long is its battery life before you have to charge it again?
  • Does the vac have a light that tells you when it's fully charged?
  • How heavy is it? Remember you could be holding your handheld vac for several minutes at a time.
  • What attachments does it come with?
  • Does it have a guarantee?

Handheld vacuum cleaners explained

Handheld vacuum cleaners are all about convenience - they're usually (though not always) cordless and rechargeable, making them handy for vacuuming cars. A handheld can also save you the hassle of finding the correct attachment on your main vacuum cleaner to suck up crumbs from sofas, cushions and upholstery.

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