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Most reliable washing machine brands

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Want a reliable washing machine? We've surveyed thousands of washing machine owners to find out which brands you can rely on, and which need to be avoided.

Most and least reliable washing machine brands

When your washing machine breaks, it's not just a mild annoyance - it's a big disruption.

So when you buy a new washing machine, you need to be sure that it's going to last. To help you find out what the most reliable brands of washing machine are, we survey thousands of Which? members every year and quiz them about any problems they've had with their appliances at home. We use that feedback to create reliability ratings for each washing machine brand.

The table below contains reliability ratings for 13 major brands of washing machine, including Bosch, John Lewis, Samsung, Miele, Hotpoint, Beko, Siemens and LG. To be a Best Buy washing machine, a model cannot come from a brand that scores poorly for reliability, or provide a free five-year parts and labour warranty. In our latest survey, five out of the 13 brands fall into this poor reliability category.

One well-known brand in this year's survey has a poor rating for reliability. As a result, we'll not make any of their washing machines Best Buys, unless they come with a free five-year warranty.

If a high-scoring model comes from a brand with a low reliability, or no reliability rating at all as we could not get enough responses, the only way we'll make it a Best Buy is if it comes with a free five-year warranty.

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Washing machine brands rated for reliability
Washing machine brands rated for reliability
BrandValue for moneyReliability ratingReliability score

Table notes
All ratings based on responses to a Which? member survey of 2,343 washing machine owners in September 2014
Sample sizes Bosch 960, Miele 275, Hotpoint 239, Zanussi 179, Beko 117, AEG 112, John Lewis 96, Siemens 83, Indesit 78, LG 63, Hoover 56, Samsung 47, Whirlpool 38


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Once you've discovered the best brand, go straight to our our in-depth washing machine reviews to find your next model.

How washing machines brands compare

Washing machines as a group are fairly reliable, getting 75% overall. That's much higher than washer-dryers (59%), which have a reputation for being a bit problematic, but lower than tumble dryers (88%) - the most reliable type of laundry appliance.


93%The top score achieved by one of the washing machine brands in our reliability survey.

The brand that came at the bottom of this year's survey only managed a reliability rating of 57%. As a result, we'll not make any of their high scoring washing machines Best Buys, unless they come with a free five-year warranty. Four other brands were also found to have low reliability scores, and the same rules apply - no high scoring models can be Best Buys without a five-year free warranty.

This year, we asked owners the extent to which the product they own represents value for money and assign a rating to each brand based on the views of those who own them. We found it isn't always the cheapest or the best that are considered the best value for money by consumers.

Washing machine reliability scores are calculated by the proportion of a brand's machines that have faults, against those from the same brand that do not. The faults are weighted so more serious problems have a greater effect on the score. The resulting star rating shows a brand’s reliability when compared to others in that category. So that newer or older models do not influence the score unfairly, we adjust scores to account for age.


Common washing machine problems

This year we’ve heard from more than 2,000 of you about annoyances with your washers, such as odd smells coming from the drum, unusually noisy machines and damage to clothing. You've also reported serious faults that stop you using your washing machine, such as broken motors.

The most common washing machine problems are:

  • Balance/wobble of machine 11%
  • Bad smell 10%
  • Mould 8%

To solve these problems, watch our video guides showing you how to deal with the most likely causes:

We also have video guides about washing machines that make strange noises, and what to to do if you have problems with the detergent drawer.

Washing machine reviews you can trust

Nobody goes to the same lengths that we do when testing washing machines. We assess how washing machines deal with tough stains, such as ink, olive oil, milk and blood, to reveal which machines are the best at cleaning. We wash more than 1,750kg of laundry every year in our quest to uncover the best machines, making our laundry basket heavier than a car.

Which? is independent - as we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We don't take advertising and we buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.