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Best washing machine brands

By Matt Stevens

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Buy the best washing machine from the best washing machine brand. Here's the Which? countdown of the best and worst brands.

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At Which?, we've been testing washing machines since the 1950s. Along the way, we've developed an unrivalled understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each brand. Currently, each machine we get our hands on spends at least four weeks being assessed in the Which? test lab to give us the results we need to produce our in-depth washing machine reviews.

In this guide, we share what we've learnt about each of the biggest washing machine brands, such as Bosch, Miele, Hotpoint, LG, Samsung and Beko. Our insider advice will reveal what does well in our tests, which brands you can trust to be reliable – and which brands you should avoid.

Best and worst washing machine brands

Below, we've collated all our washing machine test results since 2011, plus our unique reliability ratings and customer scores, so you can see, at a glance, how the key washing machine brands stack up against each other. Which? members should log in now to unlock the scores in the table. If you're not already a Which? member, try full access for one month with a £1 trial and discover the benefits of having thousands of product test results at your fingertips.

Table of washing machine brands
Washing machine brands rated
Brand Average test score1 Reliability rating2 Customer score2 Verdict
72% 93% At the time of writing, almost every washing machine from this brand is a Best Buy. Doing a great job of cleaning your clothes, our survey shows it's the brand that is least likely to break down. Though its machines can be a bit pricey, owners of these models vouch that the brand represents excellent value for money.
68% 85% With a decent average score across all its machines that we've tested, it's rare to come across a bad machine from this brand. It has a collection of Best Buys and no Don't Buys. Awarded a reasonable rating for reliability from our latest survey, washing machines from this company are generally a safe bet. Owners of these machines rate the brand as top value for money.
63% 84% This brand has a good track record in our tests - but it is yet to produce a flawless machine. Each of its Best Buys have a drawback of some kind, either that it's not great at rinsing clothes, or it uses a significant amount of water and electricity. It is worth reading the full reviews of these top scoring machines to see whether you can live with the cons, but if you can, these make a great investment.
74%   84% This brand has produced some of the best washing machines we've tested. At the time of writing in December 2014, one of its models is the highest-scoring machine on our site. We don't hold reliability information about this brand, but as it provides five-year warranties with its washing machines, those that score highly enough in our tests can become Best Buys. While almost all its models are either Best Buys or close, we have seen one Don't Buy. So use our reviews to avoid picking the wrong model.
69% 80% The brand with the most polarised results, this company has produced almost as many Don't Buy washing machines as Best Buys. Either excelling or doing terribly at cleaning clothes, there are several models we recommend. Our most recent survey shows that this brand is also one of the most reliable available - but you can't just pick a model off the shelf. You have to use our reviews.
67% 79% This is a popular retailer among Which? members, and its washing machines also do very well in our tests. The models we've tested have a high ratio of Best Buys, as clothes tend to get a good clean and its machines are easy to use.
49%   75% Catering for a number of budgets, this brand's machines can cost from £300 to above £1,000. Its average test score is reasonable and the best washing machines are good enough to be Best Buys.
67% 65% This brand has some of the most affordable washing machines on the market, and while price isn't a guarantee of quality, this isn't a brand whose models shine much in our tests. Looking across our results, its different models are erratic in how well they clean, rinse and spin clothes. Our survey shows they have a reasonable reliability rating and a so-so customer score. Owners still rate them highly for value for money.
58% 65% This brand is known for producing washing machines at a low price, and in November 2015, produced the cheapest Best Buy washing machine then available. Test scores vary between models, but generally a machine from this brand will do a reasonable job of cleaning clothes on the 40 degree cotton program.
56% 64% A brand with a huge selection of low-price washing machines, its models may have appealing prices, but our tests show you'll likely be better off spending your money elsewhere. Our latest survey found this brand has poor reliability. If you do see a model at a tempting price, you'll want to look at our reviews to see if you can live with the cons - or avoid it altogether.
56% 62% One of the few brands in the UK to sell top-loading washing machines alongside regular front-loading models. Its washing machines tend to do reasonably or poorly in our tests, with a few narrowly escaping being named Don't Buys. Our survey shows it's one of the least reliable brands on the market.
51% 60% This isn't a strong brand of washing machine. There are no Best Buys among its ranks, several Don't Buys and many others that have a middling or poor test score. Reliability is satisfactory but almost 90% of former owners we spoke to decided to change their brand last time they needed a new machine.
52% 52% The score threshold for a Don't Buy is 40% - and the average test score for this brand's models is 52%. This manufacturer is the worst brand of washing machine that we have ratings for - it has a number of Don't Buys, our survey shows it's one of the least reliable brands and it's got a low customer satisfaction score too. Only 10% of washing machine owners decided to stay with this brand.
Table notes
1 Reliability rating and customer score based on feedback from 1,850 Which? members, surveyed in September 2015.
2 Average scores based on washing machines tested since January 2011, that are still available at the time of writing (December 2015).


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Choosing the best brand of washing machine

A brilliant washing machine doesn't just wash clothes. It needs to be a model you can rely on and, ideally, one you would be happy recommend to a friend. So, in addition to the average test score, we've also added in that brand's reliability rating and customer score where possible.

The reliability ratings in the table above are based on feedback from nearly 2,000 Which? members who told us about any and all problems they've had with the machines they own. The fewer problems they've had, the higher the score for reliability. We've also included customer score, which determines how happy people are with their chosen brand of washing machine and whether they would be likely to recommend it to someone else.

The brand of washing machine with the best average test score also has the highest reliability and customer scores - and is considered value for money by owners.

The brand that sits at the top of the table is particularly exceptional. Not only has it achieved the best average score of all the brands we've tested, but almost every model we've reviewed is a Best Buy and it has the highest ratings for both reliability and customer score. These are washing machines you not only can trust to do a brilliant job of cleaning but can also rely on not to break down at the first opportunity.

But the brand that sits at the bottom of the table has the lowest reliability rating and customer score. Its average test score is also one of the lowest. It comes as no surprise that when it was time for previous owners of this brand to buy a new model, 90% went with a different brand. If you're currently looking for a new machine, you'll want to avoid this brand.