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Co-operative Energy is part of The MidCounties Co-operative, the largest independent co-operative in the UK with sales of £780 million and 430,000 members. Midcounties set up Co-operative Energy in 2010 to cover England, Wales and Scotland.

The Co-operative claims to be an ethical provider and to offer simple pricing - made up of a monthly fixed charge and a single unit price for energy used. It ensures its energy is low carbon. It avoids using coal, supports renewable energy and says it aims to ensure the carbon content of its electricity is less than half the national average.


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Co-operative Energy fuel mix disclosure

All suppliers have to provide information about the mix of fuels they use to generate the electricity supplied to their customers as well as its environmental impact. 

Co-operative Fuel Mix

  • Coal 0.0%
  • Natural Gas 40.43%
  • Nuclear 0.0%
  • Renewable* 54.3%
  • Other 5.27%

* Wind, hydro and solar power

Contact Co-Operative Energy

New and existing customers: 0800 954 0693.

Current tariffs

*In January 2014, OFGEM lowered their estimates of the average kilowatt amounts of energy used by UK households. Figures quoted in the tariff tabs below from January 2014 onwards reflect the new amounts, of 3,200kwh per annum for standard electricity meter customers and 13,500kwh per annum for gas customers.


  • Simple single tier pricing.
  • No exit fees apply.
  • Both paper and online billing available.
Pioneer tariff history
  Nov 2012Feb 2013Nov 2013Apr 2014
Avg. annual price £1,155£1,251£1,291£1,176

Fixed Price March 2017

  • Prices are fixed until 31st March 2017
  • No cancellation fees
  • Earn Co-operative membership points

Fixed Price May 2016

  • Fixed prices until 31st May 2016
  • No cancellation charges
  • Earn Co-operative membership points with this tariff

Fixed Price May 2015

  • Fixed prices to 31st May 2015
  • No cancellation charges
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