First Utility

About First Utility

First Utility is the largest independent energy supplier with more than 450,000 customers. It was founded in 2008. As well as energy the company supplies phone and broadband services to consumers and business customers.

First Utility is now the fastest growing supplier in the UK. It has recently campaigned to reduce switching times for energy customers.

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First Utility fuel mix disclosure

All energy suppliers have to provide information about the mix of fuels they use to generate energy supplied to gas and electricity customers, together with its environmental impact.

First Utility fuel mix

  • Coal 52.3%
  • Natural gas 30.7%
  • Nuclear 4.7%
  • Renewable* 8.3%
  • Other 4.0%

* Wind, hydro and solar power

Contact information 

Customer service  - 01926 320 700

Current tariffs

iSave Everyday

  • Tracks the 'Big 6' Standard tariffs and will always be cheaper than their national average prices
  • No cancellation charges for leaving
  • No end date

iSave Fixed September 2016

  • Prices fixed until 30th September 2016
  • Early exit fee of £30 per fuel if you leave the tariff more than 49 days before the end of the fixed term
  • Online billing and account management only

iSave Fixed August 2015

  • Fixed prices to 31st August 2015
  • Cancellation fees of £30 per fuel
  • Online billing and account management only

iSave Fixed September 2017

  • Fixed prices until 30th September 2017
  • Online tariff with paperless billing
  • Cancellation charges of £30 per fuel (£60 for dual fuel)
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