I'm a prepayment customer, can I switch?

Yes - if you currently have a prepayment meter installed in your home, you can still switch your energy supplier so long as you have no more than £500 debt on the meter. Most large suppliers will allow you to join them with up to £500 of debt on your meter but some smaller ones, including Ecotricity, may have a lower limit. Our energy calculator can help you find the cheapest prepayment tariff available in your area.

However, if you would like to switch to a more competitive online energy tariff, you will need to get a credit meter installed first.

How to switch from a prepayment meter to a credit meter

All energy suppliers have different policies on charges for credit meter installation. Some will replace your prepayment meter with a credit meter for free, providing you pass a credit check, but others will charge you up to £60 per meter.

To get a free credit meter, there are three key requirements set by several energy companies:

  • You must be signed up to an energy tariff with the supplier you want to install the meter.
  • Or, you must have been signed up to an energy tariff with that supplier for at least one month before installation can be booked.
  • Or, you must agree to stay signed up to an energy tariff with the supplier for 6 months after installation

To find out more about switching your prepayment meter, contact your energy supplier to ask what kind of deal they can offer you. If your current energy supplier won’t provide you with a credit meter, you could consider contacting rival gas and electricity suppliers, as they may be able to provide you with a credit meter if you switch to them.

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