British Gas and SSE announce price cuts

British Gas has cut its electricity prices by 5% with immediate effect, while SSE is cutting gas prices by 4.5% on 26 March.

Energy Price Cuts

British Gas and SSE announce price cuts

The reductions come just one day after EDF Energy announced cuts in gas prices of 5%

Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?, said: 'British Gas and SSE customers will welcome any help to manage their bills this winter. But with average bills now more than £1300 a year, small reductions of around £30 will not be a solution for those struggling to pay their next bill.

He added: 'With three price cut announcements in two days, we now expect the other major suppliers to listen to their customers and do likewise. But this won't be enough to ensure that people get access to the affordable energy they need. That's why consumers expect the government to take action to reform the energy market.'

British Gas and SSE price cut

British Gas is the largest energy supplier in the UK and its reductions could knock £24 off the annual bill for electricity-only customers, although dual-fuel customers will also see a reduction.

SSE's price cuts should reduce the average annual gas bill by £28. Although the headline price cut is 4.5%, SSE is only cutting the unit rates for gas. Taking into account its fixed standing charge, the actual cut passed on to customers will be around 3.8%.

In the 2012 Which? Switch energy satisfaction survey, British Gas came joint 9th with Eon, achieving a customer score of 47%. SSE was the highest scoring of the six major energy providers, getting a customer score of 51%.

British Gas and SSE tariff information

British Gas offers the following energy tariffs:

  • Online Energy
  • Pay As You Go
  • Standard
  • Price Promise April 2014
  • Energy Share

SSE provides the following tariffs to customers:

  • Domestic Standard
  • Energyplus
  • Betterplan
  • Fixed Price Plan
  • Fixed Discount
  • Price Fix
  • iplan
  • oplan

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