Best digital radio brands: Best digital radio brands

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No one tests digital radios quite like Which?. We’re completely independent, and every digital radio we test goes through a challenging series of expert assessments to find the best digital radio for you.

As a Which? member, you’ll get access to all of our digital radio reviews. By testing around 30 digital radios a year from top brands such as Pure and Roberts, our unique tests can identify the best digital radio brands. These are the manufacturers who make easy-to-use digital radios with superb sound quality and useful features, and which won’t break down after only a short time.

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The best and worst digital radio brands

In this guide, you can find out:

  • How many digital radios Which? has tested from the major digital radio brands
  • What types of digital radios are available from each brand's different ranges
  • Features to look out for

And Which? members can log in to find out:

  • The average score of each digital radio brand that Which? tests
  • How many models of each brand have been awarded Best Buy or Don’t Buy status
  • The pros and cons of each digital radio brand, and whether you should buy their radios

Digital radio brands compared

In the table below, Which? members can see our overall ratings for each of the main digital radio brands, including their average scores and the number of Best Buys we’ve awarded them.

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Digital radio brands
BrandNumber testedNumber of Best BuysBest Buy hit rateNumber of Don't BuysAverage test score
Pure digital radios21Subscriber only contentSubscriber only contentSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
Roberts digital radios34Subscriber only contentSubscriber only contentSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content


How Which? tests digital radios

We use an independent, expert listening panel who listen to the same tracks on each digital radio several times. We judge a variety of different types of music as well as speech tracks.

We review the battery life, check the weight and assess how easy the digital radio is to use. Our experts also examine how straightforward the digital radio would be to use if you were partially sighted or had limited dexterity – if you suffered from arthritis, for example.

And that’s not all – we also check the performance of any additional features on the digital radios such as alarms, clocks, pause and rewind features, recording, or electronic programme guides.

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