How to transfer files from XP to Vista Get your new PC up and running

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This article, How to transfer files from XP to Vista, was last updated on 14 July 2008 and is now out of date and held in our online archive for reference. Explore our latest Technology articles.

Easy XP to Vista transfer 

belkin cable

Transferring your files to Vista is easy with a transfer cable

Increasingly, people are making the switch from Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system to the new version. Microsoft claims it has sold more than 100 million copies of Vista; many of these will have been sold with brand new computers.

Those who make the switch will want to transfer precious documents, music and photographs on to their new Vista PC.

This is a simple process thanks to special transfer cables, such as the Belkin and Windows Easy Transfer software.

In May 2007 we tested a Belkin cable (£16 from Amazon) and software. We’ll show you how to use this to transfer files. 

Microsoft released a Beta version of Windows 7, the operating system that will replace Windows Vista, in January 2009, though it isn't expected to be rolled out until late 2009. Read the Which? first look review of Windows 7 here.

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