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This article, News readers, was last updated on 01 May 2006 and is now out of date and held in our online archive for reference. Explore our latest Technology articles.

Once you have subscribed to several news feeds you may want to organise them into your preferred order. My Yahoo! has the most customisable of all the services on test, as it lets you rearrange feeds in a variety of ways. Bloglines can sort feeds by name or most recently updated, for example.

Newsgator has an extremely easy way of creating and arranging your own folders (such as news and sport) and allocating feeds to them - you can even 'drag and drop' them into folders if you're using Internet Explorer. 

Google's feeds are organised by 'labels' which means you can sort them under multiple categories (football and sport, for example). However, this feature could do with more explanation in Google's help files.

Extra features make Bloglines stand out. It includes keyboard shortcuts, which makes it easier to move between headlines, and recommends feeds you may wish to read. 

We also tested how customisable the feed display was – you may want to see only headlines or change the colour scheme, for instance. My Yahoo! was most flexible, but with Google and Opera you get what you're given.

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