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System restore

When things start to go wrong with your PC it’s easy to feel out of your depth and panic about what you should do next. But with a bit of preparation and a level head, it can be surprisingly straightforward to resolve even the most alarming computer problems, including corrupted files, crashes, freezes and more.

It’s all about being prepared. By taking a few simple steps ahead of time, should things go wrong, you’ll find it much easier to recover your PC and return it to its old fully-functioning self.

In this guide, we will explain how to set up three precautionary tools that should all prove invaluable in times of crisis: System Restore, Windows Backup and System Repair. We’ll also demonstrate how to put them to good use in the event that disaster should ever strike. By taking these simple but essential steps now, you’ll be ready for anything.

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How to create a system restore point

A system restore point allows you to rewind your computer’s current software configuration to an earlier state. This is a particularly simple way of fixing a misbehaving PC without losing any important files – such as documents and images – made subsequently to the restore point.

Follow our simple guide to creating a system restore point

How to restore your computer from a backup

Backing up your computer is a sure fire way of ensuring any precious files are safe and secure should your computer break down for any reason. All you need is an external hard drive.

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How to create a system repair disc

A system repair disc can be extremely useful if your computer develops a start-up fault; either due to the accidental deletion of a file, or the effect of malware. A repair disc essentially allows you to boot your PC into a special mode so you can fix faults and restore your PC to working order.

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