Run Windows on a Mac Installing Windows on a Mac

Choose an install location

Click the Custom (advanced) option under installation types. 

You’ll see a list of install locations. It’s vital that you select the right one or you may overwrite your OSX installation.

If you’ve followed this guide correctly so far there should be a disk labelled ‘BOOTCAMP’ listed here. 

Highlight this by clicking on it. 

The Next option is greyed out – click the Drive Options link instead. 

Format the partition

A selection of new icons will appear beneath the main window. 

Click the Format icon > click OK in the warning screen. 

Once formatting has completed, click the Next button.

You will have the option to use either the FAT32 or NTFS file systems. 

You should select NTFS for Vista. 

Make your selection with the up and down keys and press Enter on your keyboard to continue. 

Install Windows

Now you should see the Installing Windows screen. 

This will take some time but you won’t be required to do anything. 

Once it has finished, Windows will restart your computer and the Mac will boot automatically to Windows to complete the installation.

It’s normal for the computer to restart in this manner several times during installation. 

Eventually you will see the Set Up Windows screen.

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