Run Windows on a Mac Setting up Windows and start-up options

Setting up Windows

Enter a username and password and follow the remaining steps of the wizard clicking Next between each screen. 

On the Help protect Windows automatically screen, click Use recommended settings.

On the ‘Thank You’ screen, click Start

The Vista wizard will run a quick performance check on your system before it finally prepares and launches the desktop. 

Run the Boot Camp Installer

In Windows, go to Start > Computer, right-click on your DVD drive and select Eject to pop out your Windows disc. 

Now insert your Mac OS X Leopard installation disc.

When you see the AutoPlay window, click Run Setup.exe > click Continue in the User Account Control (UAC) warning. 

The Boot Camp Installer will start. 

Click Next > read and accept the license > click Next > Install

Restart and update

The Boot Camp Installer will install drivers for all the Mac’s hardware. 

Once it has finished, click Finish > Yes

Your computer will restart Windows.

Update Boot Camp by going to and download any updates. 

Download the correct update for your version of Windows and double-click it to update Boot Camp.

Setting start-up options

Right-click the Boot Camp icon in the System Tray > select Boot Camp Control Panel > click Continue in the UAC warning.

On the Startup Disk tab, you can choose the operating system you want to launch when your computer starts. 

Highlight Windows or Macintosh HD and click OK

To select an operating system at start up, hold down Alt on your keyboard when you turn on.

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