Selling goods safely on Ebay

Selling goods safely on eBay

  • Discover how to sell your unwanted items on eBay
  • How to place adverts, and the cost of selling via eBay 
  • The lowdown on eBay's payment method, PayPal
  • Tips on avoiding fraudsters on eBay
  • Jargon buster to help you understand tricky terms

What's in this guide

Selling goods safely on eBay

Auction off your unwanted items and get the best bids for them. Plus how to avoid eBay fraudsters

Getting started

Whilst using eBay might seem a bit daunting, it's remarkably easy to set up and get going

Setting up a Paypal account

Paypal offers payment security for buying and selling meaning you can trade with peace of mind

What it costs to advertise

Costs depend on the initial asking price of your item and what price you achieve

Steps to placing your advert

As with any advertising you need to target your market, know your pricing and postage fee

Top tips for selling

Hints on how to maximise your opportunity to sell your goods

When do you pay tax?

Tax charges will be dependent on volumes, and values, of sales but make sure you check your position to be sure

eBay enthusiast

For the more motivated eBayers there is plenty of money to be made but don't be fooled into thinking it's easy

Beware of fraud

One of the key concerns of selling on eBay is fraud; make sure you are aware of all its different types

eBay jargon buster

Find out the meaning behind some of the key terms to get you started on your first eBay transaction

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