Selling goods safely on eBay Beware of fraud

Always read the information in Ebay's safety centre

Always read the information in Ebay's safety centre

eBay won't tell us exactly what percentage of its auctions are fraudulent, but we have estimated that there are around 300 fraudulent transactions taking place on eBay UK at any one time. Fraud on eBay ranges from fake emails asking for your account details (often called phishing), to the sale of illegal and counterfeit goods.

To avoid being taken in by a scam, make sure you read the information in eBay's safety centre and never reply to an email request for passwords or account details.

To help prevent fraud, PC users can set up eBay's tool bar. This warns you if you're on a potentially fraudulent website.

If possible, buy from sellers with 'buyer protection' (see 'eBay jargon buster'). We have called for eBay to be more proactive about fraud and to do more to identify illegal items. We hope it will listen but, in the meantime, if you watch out for any suspicious behaviour, you can still enjoy eBay and stay safe.

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