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Terry Jones sells football memorabilia on Ebay

Selling football memorabilia on Ebay has become a bit of a hobby for Terry

Terry Jones made his first sale on eBay in November 2005 and has since become addicted: 'I started by advertising a couple of bits of football memorabilia and was amazed when people actually bought them. So I searched for more things in the loft to sell. It's surprising how much you can get for things you'd otherwise have thrown away. 

'Among other things, I've sold an old football ticket stub for £35. The posting can be a bit time consuming but it's well worth it. And it's so much fun watching everyone bid for your items at the last minute.'

Galloping saddle sales

Diane Bryan sold a saddle on eBay in February 2005. By September of the same year, she had given up her job to run a profitable eBay-based business called Discount Equestrian. She has also opened up a shop in Yorkshire and employs five staff. 

'We'd never have dreamed a year ago that this could have happened,' says Diane. 'I started by selling one of my horse saddles and received more for it than I'd paid new. Soon after, I started selling new equestrian goods and, before I knew it, I needed a warehouse for my stock. It's been immensely hard work, but I'm loving every minute of it.'

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