Selling goods safely on eBay Selling goods safely on eBay

Collectors' items that could be sold on Ebay

Collectors' items that could be sold on Ebay

Clearing out household junk may not be your first choice of weekend activity but it can now be a lucrative one. Thanks to eBay, the world's largest online auction website, items that would previously have been consigned to the dustbin can now achieve surprising prices. 

How about the Christmas dinner Brussels sprout, for example, which went for a whopping £1,500, the leaky tent bought for a mere £10 and sold on for £200, or the air guitar which went for over £50? At least with the latter there were no postage costs to pay!

These are exceptions, of course, but there are plenty of everyday things that will make money.

An amazing three million items are available for sale on eBay UK at any one time, ranging from toys, CDs and second-hand clothes to cars and bathroom suites. It's perfect for offloading unwanted items because it advertises your goods to millions of buyers across the country and even worldwide.

Unfortunately, it's also a perfect haven for criminal activity. While the vast majority of eBayers (eBay users) are honest, an estimated one in 10,000 sales are dodgy. For example, stolen goods are flogged to unsuspecting buyers and goods are bought that never materialise.

But it's not just buyers that need to beware - sellers can be hoaxed, too. Fraudsters target unsuspecting sellers with phishing emails in an attempt to steal their account details and passwords. 

That said, if you keep your wits about you, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy eBay safely. 

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